Six reasons to visit Hotel-Restaurant Amersfoort

Hotel-Restaurant Amersfoort is a recent addition to Fletcher Hotels, so we are eager to show you why you should visit this hotel! Read on below to discover things to do nearby.

1. Amersfoort centre

There are different ways to visit the historic centre of Amersfoort. You could explore the town on foot or you could do something different and take a fun boat tour through the canals. Climbing the Onze Lieve Vrouwe tower is also a definite must! This medieval tower is an amazing 98 metres high and the absolute eye-catcher of the town. Once you reach the top of the tower, you are rewarded with a wonderful view of the town. Shopping aficionados are also catered for in the centre of Amersfoort. The town has several shopping streets and nice shops along the canals. It is worth taking your time to explore Amersfoort centre!

2. Visit to Soestdijk Palace

Discover the erstwhile home base of prince Bernard and princess Juliana during a visit to this special palace. There have been efforts to preserve the original atmosphere, which creates a unique experience. Allow yourself to be immersed in culture and history during your visit, at your own pace. There are free tours you can join at any time, which tell you everything about this building that was inhabited intensively for almost 70 years. A nice trip for diving into the Royal Family’s history!

3. Commemorate history

Situated on the border between Leusden and Amersfoort is one of the most well-known World War Two remembrance centres. The former camp has a rich history, with approximately 37,000 prisoners being held for short or longer periods between 1941 and 1945. When the war was over, people wanted to erase the horrors as soon as possible. Although the camp was reduced to only its foundations, the atmosphere remains palpable. A beautiful memorial site was created, where the events can be commemorated.

4. Relax at Thermen Soesterberg

Take the time to completely unwind at Thermen Soesterberg! This resort with sauna and wellness facilities is located in a wooded area, which creates a very calming effect. Thermen Soesterberg has delightful gardens, various rest areas and a restaurant. This is the ideal location for a relaxing day! To make sure you can visit, we recommend that you book in advance.

5. Sand drifts in Soester Duinen

The Soester Duinen are located to the south of Soest and the area is well-known for its large sand drifts. Places where sand drifts originate are rare in the Netherlands, and this is why the province of Utrecht has declared this area a monument. The area is wonderful for walks and discovering nature; this is a fun activity for children too. The surroundings are beautiful and very suitable for taking a seat to rest, or to enjoy a picnic.

6. An adventure at Amersfoort Zoo

Amersfoort Zoo is a very child-friendly zoo and even has its own DinoPark, where you travel through time and end up in a forest full of life-size dinosaurs. The zoo also features a Climb Everything route, where you literally climb and clamber surrounded by animals. Bird enthusiast? Then Snavelrijk is for you! This enormous walk-through aviary (three thousand square metres) allows you to walk among various birds. There are many more activities at Amersfoort Zoo, but you should find those out for yourself during your day out.

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